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The Rappin’ Mathematician Videos

The Videos that Made Alex World Famous! Play ‘em loud & rap along!

Math Rappin’ on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric!

The Itty-Bitty Dot (Adding & Subtracting Decimals)

The Number Line Dance (Adding Integers)

So Many Lines (Parallel Lines)

Bigger on the Topper (Fractions)

Test Tiiiiime!!! (Test-Taking Tips)

The Routine Rhyme!

You're a Teacher Now! What's Next?

Short & Engaging Tips & Strategies for New Teachers!


Owning It: Effective Educator Series

Short, fun videos that give educators immediately implementable tools to level up!

The #1 Classroom Management Technique of All Time

How to Engage Your Students

How to Create a Culture of Trust

How to Make the Most of Your Next Conference

How to Make Sure Your Meetings Don’t Suck

Teaching as an EPIC Journey!

How to Support New Teachers

A Simple Way to Show Appreciation

Why the National Teacher of the Year LOVES Teaching

The Last Place You Would Ever Want to Do Your Homework

Ted Talks & More!

Check out Alex’s popular TED Talks, News Appearances & some other cool videos that don’t really fit into any of the other categories!

TED Talk: Making Math Cool!

TED Talk: Why Race Matters & How to Talk About It

Salute to Teachers Rap!

Home & Family: Inspiration for Teachers!


Wacky Math Hour

Looking for some serious math fun? Join Alex and his friends as they daze and astound you with their fun math powers (perfect to show when you have a substitute teacher!)

Students’ Favorite Parts

Finding Unknown Numbers

Place Value


Fun with Numbers


Season Finale

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