101 Stories about How You Make a Difference

New teachers, experienced teachers, retired teachers. They’ll all be inspired and re-energized by these 101 stories about what matters most – knowing that they make a difference. You’ll laugh along with their adventures, tear up over their heartwarming experiences, and feel proud… because it all starts with teachers.

These stories reminds us that teachers have a lasting impact. And theses writers share the best lessons they learned from the ups and downs of their educational journeys. It’s a fascinating look inside the classrooms of teachers – from preschool to high school and beyond – and how teachers truly shape the future.

This collection is a gift to all the teachers out there – a fun, moving read and a big THANK YOU for all they do!

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Look Who Is Reading Inspiration for Teachers!

Rebecca Mieliwocki,
National Teacher of the Year

Mr. Rick Lara,
Alex’s high school speech teacher!

Several of the contributing authors!

Teachers everywhere!