101 Tips for Teaching Online: Helping Students Think, Learn & Grow – No Matter Where They Are!

by Alex Kajitani

Teach online with confidence, competence and joy!

“101 Tips for Teaching Online is a one-stop shop experience for online teachers! The book provides a concise, quick, and easy-to-read compilation of teaching tips and tricks, featuring a wide range of examples, student quotes and teacher testimonials.”

Rachel Swearengin |Teacher, Manchester Park Elementary School | Olathe, Kansas

Your guide to stress-free online teaching!

Evolve your craft while staying grounded in best teaching practices. Alex Kajitani offers readers a fun and meaningful resource packed with practical tips for making the most of an online classroom environment. From sign-on to sign-off, use these strategies to ensure your students feel welcomed, engaged, and empowered to own their learning. In addition, gain self-care ideas that will help you be your best.

Use this online teaching guide to:

  • Learn how to present well on camera and keep students engaged
  • Incorporate best practices for online instruction and classroom management in the online environment
  • Nurture an online classroom community committed to learning, equity, and comradery
  • Implement virtual assessment strategies to maintain academic integrity and growth
  • Discover self-care practices while teaching online
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Alex & 101 Tips for Teaching Online was featured in Strive Magazine.