YOU were selected to make a difference in education.
This book will show you HOW.

“This handbook is the complete guide to your new, honorable position, and provides a tool-belt full of strategies to wear over your metaphorical super-teacher spandex. Let Alex Kajitani and his experienced colleagues be your consummate guides as you navigate new and exciting territory as a Teacher of the Year.”

— Michael Geisen, National Teacher of the Year


CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve been selected as a Teacher of the Year! This is your golden opportunity to evolve as a teacher-leader.

Along with Alex Kajitani — a California Teacher of the Year who has been through it all — more than 25 Teachers of the Year, including National, State, Regional and School-Site, share their first-hand stories and advice. Plus, experts in public speaking, interviewing, media and work-life balance share their wisdom so you can excel in your new role.

  • Giving Speeches
  • Interviews
  • Getting Paid For Your Time
  • Handling the Media
  • Building Your Platform
  • Networking
  • Utilizing Social Media
  • Conferences
  • Colleague Relationships
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Inspiring Others
  • And More!

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Look Who’s Reading The Teacher of the Year Handbook!

Arne Duncan
U.S. Secretary of Education

Rebecca Mieliwocki
National Teacher of the Year

Martin Reisert
California Teacher of the Year

Katherine Bassett, CEO
National Network of State Teachers of the Year

Tom Torlakson
CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Stacey Todd
Mississippi Teacher of the Year

Jon Quam, Director
National Teacher of the Year Program


Shanna Peeples
National Teacher of the Year

“Alex Kajitani has scored a homerun with The Teacher of the Year Handbook. His wit, creativity, real-life Teacher of the Year Stories, and straightforward approach make this book an irresistible and helpful read. Kajitani’s passion for education and educators leaps off the page and will land in the souls and minds of teacher–leaders everywhere.”

— Elaine Strom, Project Coordinator for Wisconsin Teacher of the Year Program

Elaine Strom

“Whether you are a Teacher of the Year for your school, district, county, state of for the nation, Alex’s honest and humorous advice will guide you through the entire process from interviewing, networking, and even how to continue to promote your platform beyond your year of tenure.”

— Jo-Ann Fox, San Diego County Teacher of the Year


Jo-Ann Fox

“I ordered this book just before going to the finalist interviews for National Teacher of the Year. It really helped to focus my energy while I was going through the process.”

— Jeff Charbonneau, Current National Teacher of the Year

Jeff Charbonneau

Alex’s book gave me real, practical steps, resources and insights into the difference that I could make in education.

— Stacey Todd, Mississippi Teacher of the Year

Stacy Todd