Alex believes strongly in the power of communication and the written word. A lifelong writer, Alex’s books and columns are being used by teachers, schools, districts and organizations to transform the way they teach and lead.

Alex's Books
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Named “Recommended Reading” by the U.S. Department of Education and lauded by top educators and administrators, Owning It shows you how to be a highly effective teacher who loves what you do.

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Teaching is not just what we do. Teaching is what we are. This collection of 101 stories will make you laugh, cry (good tears), and be inspired at the true difference teachers make every single day.

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Teacher of the Year Handbook

Ever been named a Teacher of the Year for your school, organization or beyond? In the only book of its kind, the country’s top teachers show you how to elevate yourself, and the work you do, to the next level.

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Alex’s writing and teaching has also been featured in:
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