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Where all kids are GUARANTEED to learn their times tables. The first-of-its-kind online, interactive times tables training program to help kids be confident in math and in life!

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MakingADifferenceAwardKnow a kid who loves math?
Know a kid who hates math?
They’ll all be math-rappin’ soon!

Created by the 2009 California Teacher of the Year, The Rappin’ Mathematician™ provides teachers, students and parents with hip, cool rap songs about core math concepts, and living a positive life!  Read the full story >>

CD Volume 1

The Rappin’ Mathematician

Core Math & Algebra Concepts
$21.99 (+5.00 S&H)

CD Volume 2

Multiplication Nation

Times Tables from 0-10
$21.99 (+5.00 S&H)

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Multiplication Nation

Fun with Worksheets, Tests & More
$24.99 (+5.00 S&H)

Listen! Volume 1

Listen! Volume 2: Multiplication Nation

Math Raps Special!!

Includes The Rappin’ Mathematician CDs Volumes 1 & 2, & a Multiplication

$63.97 (+5.00 S&H)
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