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Created by Alex Kajitani, California Teacher of the Year & “The Rappin’ Mathematician” Multiplication Nation is a totally FREE, totally FUN program that helps students master their times tables.

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What We Do & Why It Works

To truly master their times tables, kids can’t just memorize flash cards. They need to know HOW multiplication works, WHY it works, and how to APPLY it in the world.

Using interactive and engaging video lessons, fun rap songs, and a few bad jokes, Mr. Alex has spent his career tapping into how today’s students learn best.

Using the “3M System” that he created over many years of helping thousands of students (which got him selected as California Teacher of the Year, a Top-4 Finalist for National Teacher of the Year, and landed him a spot on the CBS Evening News), students will:



Through interactive, engaging videos, Mr. Alex and his special guests (like “The Rappin’ Mathematician” and “The Skip Count”) explain what multiplication is for each number, practice skip counting with them, and teach some fun ways to understand multiplication in a way that sticks.



For each number, Mr. Alex does the hard work of helping students actually memorize their times tables, so they remember them for life. It’s like having him come into your home or classroom and work with each student, one-on-one. And he won’t leave until they’re mastered.



After students MEET and MEMORIZE each number, they take an assessment that proves that they’ve learned it. Once they do, their parent or teacher is instantly sent an email letting them know, so they can cheer their child on!


Bonus M: Mix It Up!

Of course, we don’t want students to memorize it and forget it, so after each number, we take them through a quick drill where we review all the numbers they’ve learned so far.

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