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Workshop: Making Mathh Cool! A Workshop for Teachers

A workshop for teachers that offers the tools, courage and expertise to combat negative stereotypes of mathematicians as "nerdy" and "boring." Before many students can be motivated to achieve in math, they must first see its value in their own lives. Effective teaching of these students speaks to them where they live. "Making Math Cool!" delivers easy-to-implement, hands-on activities to turn even the most hardened student into one that says, "Hey, that's pretty cool - and so is my teacher!"

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Thousands of teachers and parents have transformed their students' attitudes toward math with this workshop at: And Many More!

“Your presentation was awesome! It was inspiring to see how much you do to reach your students. You were truly the highlight of the conference.”

- Leeann LeBouef, 2010 NCTM National Conference Attendee

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