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Workshop: Making Mathh Cool!

In Class with Alex Kajitani
In Class with Alex Kajitani

Word On The Street

Here's what teachers, administrators & parents are saying about Alex:

"Alex Kajitani is an amazing teacher and an incredible communicator and motivator."

Jack O'Connell
California State Superintendent of Public Instruction


"Some of the most creative work I have ever seen a teacher do."

Dr. Harry Wong
The First Days of School


"The Rappin' Mathematician is amazing. My kids now rap lyrics that help them in school, and in life. What a refreshing change from all of the degrading lyrics on the radio these days."

Tamara Whitney
Math Teacher
Escondido, California


"A lot of math music is inauthentic, and then doesn't appeal to a broad audience. This is authentic and you can tell from the first beat to the last rhyme. I also greatly appreciate the inclusion of some straight test prep. Let's be real about what it's going to take to succeed these days, right?"

Zachary Perin, M.Ed.
Managing Director
Teach for America
Eastern North Carolina


"Middle school kids laughing and getting excited about math? On what planet? Turns out Alex Kajitani has the secret: teach math (and sensible living) concepts through hip-hop and rap. Utterly engaging, irresistible and, best of all, effective!"

Robert W. Blackburn, Ph.D.
Former Superintendent
Oakland Public Schools
and Faculty,
Principle Leadership Institute - UC/Berkeley


"My two boys love this CD! They walk through the house singing the songs all the time. My third grader has been exposed to concepts well above his grade level through this CD and even my three-year-old knows what an improper fraction is. As a home schooling parent I would recommend this CD to anyone interested in having their children exposed to math in a fun and exciting way."

Gretchen Miller
Home School Teacher
Monrovia, Maryland